Spring Cleaning? You Might Be Surprised What You Can Recycle

It’s that time of year again – the sun warms your backyard, flowers are beginning to bud, and you can’t wait to clear out the house and welcome in the spring. We’ve got some handy spring cleaning tips to help you recycle.

Maybe you’re helping your parents clean out your childhood bedroom so they can use the space, or maybe you’re finally tackling the garage [work room, basement, kids’ play room, office] that you’ve been meaning to organize. There’s bound to be a plethora of items you can get rid of without thinking twice – like VHS tapes, for instance – but be sure to check with local stores or follow our links to see if you can recycle these things.


Unless you’re a professional soccer star, chances are that you’ve outgrown that fourth place trophy from third grade, even if your mom made you keep it all these years. You can recycle them or donate the old trophies to be reused for new trophies so other kids have a chance to shine.


Missing one piece to the set you wanted to give your nephew? Still have an old diorama in your attic? Get rid of old LEGOs by sending them in to Brick Recycler, which will donate them to foster children.

Holiday cards and greeting cards

Did you find a stash of cards under your bed while you were cleaning? Don’t just toss them in the bin – send them to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to be reused and sent to children in need.

Printer cartridges

Empty ink cartridges can be returned to stores like Staples, which will reward you with $2 per cartridge in-store credit.

VHS tapes and CDs

Everyone knows movies and MP3s are on laptops and phones now, so why keep the bulk? Donate VHS tapes here and old CDs here.


Broken crayons can be melted down to add color to your DIY candles or other crafts, or recycled here to make new colors.


Did you get on the Croc wave? Have you run down your favorite sneaks? Fear not – there are a lot of recycling programs for shoes and soles.

Toothbrushes, Tupperware, Cigarettes, and K-Cups

Terra Cycle will take all these and more. Visit their website to see what products they can recycle for you.

Glasses and Hearing Aids

Old glasses or hearing aids can be recycled and put to better use than at the bottom of your junk drawer. Donate here. You can also donate inhalers.


Much like your favorite pair of jeans, it’s easy to wear out something you wear frequently. The Bosom Buddies Program will take those old drawer-cloggers off your hands and donate them to girls and women in need.

Stockings and Tights

You know the pair – the one classy skin-colored pair you always need on hand, and which always has a run? Instead of tossing this frustrating accessory in the trash, donate it to No Nonsense, where the nylon will be recycled into insulation or playground flooring.

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