Be the Planet’s Sweetheart by Upcycling Crafts this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, express your appreciation to the ones you love most — and the planet — by upcycling! Here’s a list of the top household items that you can upcycle into the perfect valentine:

  • Paper Heart Garland — Cut paper into 1/2-inch wide strips that vary in length. Fold each piece in half crisply and bend the ends in toward the middle so that they overlap by 1/4-inch. Staple the two ends together and hang the heart from a piece of twine. To make more hearts repeat the process. Tip: Hang the heart strands from the ceiling or drape horizontally across a room.
  • Scarves — Create and give scarves by knotting together or sewing together scrap fleece, old t-shirts, pajamas and any leftover materials or fabric you may have. Tip: Two big pieces of fabric can be knotted together to create a blanket!
  • Tin Can Flower Pots — Decorate old metal cans and turn them into a container for herbs, flowers or potted plants. Use a leftover coffee, soup or tomato can and decorate with fabric, paint or mod podge. Tip: A ribbon, bracelet or other garnish can help make this craft shine!
  • Candy Holder — Use decorated paper towel rolls as candy holders for your loved ones (this is a great classroom gift!). Place small candies inside the tube, wrap it in cellophane or wrapping paper so that there is extra on the ends and secure each side closed using ribbon. Tip: If you run one scissor blade along a balloon ribbon, it will curl.
  • Message in a Bottle — Use washed-out salad dressing or condiment glass bottles as special message holders for loved ones. Write your note, roll it up and place it in the bottle. Tip: Tie a small length of twine around the top for an added touch.

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