Scholarships Awarded to Local Graduating High School Students

For the tenth year in a row, Gershow Recycling has provided scholarships to graduating seniors at various high schools around Long Island. As a leading environmental recycling company, Gershow awards the competitive scholarship to graduating seniors pursuing a degree in either environmental science or engineering.

Gershow granted scholarships to high schools located near its facilities. This year, the program expanded to Riverhead High School. Scholarship recipients included Amelia Veitch of Bellport High School; Brandon Yalin of Longwood High School; Tristan Martin Kho of Patchogue-Medford High School; Paul Mangels of Bay Shore High School; Jeffrey Johnson of Lindenhurst High School; Lauren Ré of Walt Whitman High School; Alex Paresi of Herricks High School; Alexander Peralta of Valley Stream Central High School; Lee Stetson of Freeport High School; Tristan Seuling of Riverhead High School; and Oshaine Reid of Frederick Douglass Academy VII High School.

Dave Seiler and Alex Paresi.
Tristan Seuling, Jonathan Abrams and John Dunleavy.
Paul Mangels and Dave Seiler.
Lauren Ré and Rich D’Angelo.
Arthur George, Alexander Peralta and Jason Baron.
Tanya Pottinger and Amelia Veitch.
DJ Chasse, Jeffrey Johnson and Derek Schuelein.
Brandon Yalin and Tanya Pottinger.
Tanya Pottinger and Tristan Martin Kho.
Peter O’Donovan and Lee Stetson
Dexter Trumpet, Oshaine Reid and Eric Kugler

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