Gershow Recycling Hosts Tour for Association of Long Island Recycling Officials at its Medford Facility

Gershow President Kevin Gershowitz led the members of the Association of Long Island Recycling Officials (ALIRO) on a tour of its Medford facility on October 22, 2015. During the tour, Mr. Gershowitz gave a history of the company, what the company does, the types of metal that Gershow recycles and the processes by which they are each recycled.

Additionally, ALIRO members had the opportunity to view the machinery that is used to shred and separate the metals, and take out non-metallic materials from the scrap products. Mr. Gershowitz also guided the attendees through the sorting process and showed the end results of the recycled products. The tour concluded with a question and answer period between Mr. Gershowitz and the ALIRO members.

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