Jonathan Abrams Speaks to Students at North Country Road Middle School for “Career Day”

As part of a Career Day presentation, Gershow Manager Jonathan Abrams visited Ms. Donna Sommo’s Family & Consumer Science class on November 12, 2015 at North Country Road Middle School in Miller Place, where Mr. Abrams’ son, Andrew, is a student. Mr. Abrams described his position at Gershow, what his job entails, what other jobs are available at Gershow and the educational requirements needed for each job.

Mr. Abrams also described the types of metal that Gershow recycles and the process by which they are made into various scrap products. He also brought in pieces of scrap metal and magnets to show the students the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. He additionally explained the importance of the recycling industry to the U.S. economy and its economic impact worldwide. In addition to providing a history of the company, Mr. Abrams showed the students how Gershow is involved with the community and where the company has appeared on TV.

Each student received a recyclable tote bag, magnet, folder and activity book, courtesy of Gershow Recycling.

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