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NAVRC 2013

Gershow Recycling Donates Use of 25 Vehicles for 2013 North American Vehicle Rescue Challenge

Gershow Recycling donated the use of 25 vehicles that were used in the 2013 North American Vehicle Rescue Challenge, which took place on the training grounds of the Hagerman Fire Department in East Patchogue on September 13-14...
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Recycle at Home

Learn to Save the Environment around the Home

Truly successful recycling involves minimizing waste along the entire life cycle of a product, from acquiring raw materials to manufacturing, using and disposing of a product.
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Best Of LI

What to Do with Unused Household and Commercial Items

Bringing old household and commercial items to be recycled helps preserve the environment. Rather than winding up in landfills, these old products can be brought to a recycling facility and made into new products.
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