Long Island Scrap Metal

What to Do with Unused Household and Commercial Items

Bringing old household and commercial items to be recycled helps preserve the environment. Rather than winding up in landfills, these old products can be brought to a recycling facility and made into new products. Metals such as steel, aluminum, copper and iron are either shredded or baled and then prepared for the manufacturer.

Once they are prepared, these scrap products are used to build automobiles, appliances, electronic devices and construction materials for houses and buildings. Using recycled metal products saves the manufacturers money on the cost of mining raw materials and reduces the time it takes to build the product.

Here are some examples of common metal products that can be recycled:

Major Appliances - dishwashers, ovens, clothes washers and clothes driers are mostly made of aluminum. Once recycled, these metal parts could be used to make other appliances. Today's appliances are more energy-efficient than ones manufactured in the past, most of which have been made by recyclable materials.

Cans - tin cans used to package food or empty aluminum soda cans could be made into other food or soda cans or other products. Despite the rising cost of food, manufacturers can save money by using cans made from scrap aluminum and tin for packaging.

Automobiles - the bodies and engines are made of steel. These parts can be recycled to be made into newer automobiles and other products. By taking older vehicles off the road, you are also saving the environment, since those vehicles use up more gas and produce more emissions.

Wiring - wires connected to computers are comprised of either copper or aluminum. Copper wire is more valuable because of its better conductivity. It is ideal to recycle any sort of wiring when it becomes frayed or if it is part of an electronic device that is now considered obsolete.

Housing Materials - aluminum siding, steel and wrought iron gates and old wrought iron furniture can be made into new products for the home. Today, more home builders are going "green" as more homes are constructed using building products made from recycled steel and aluminum.

Office Equipment - metal file cabinets and wire folder organizers can be made into other scrap products. Desks with built-in drawers and some chairs also have metal components in them, such as steel. Employers looking to have a "green" workplace can buy office equipment that is made from recycled materials.

Pipes and Tubing - copper and aluminum piping and tubing are able to be recycled. Copper piping is more expensive than aluminum piping because it is longer-lasting. Lead piping contains dangerous contaminants and should be removed immediately.

Electronics - this includes cell phones, hard drives, CPUs and circuit boards. Electronics recyclers use machinery to shred or process electronics to extract certain metals such as steel, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium, copper and nickel.

By recycling these products, manufacturers save energy, time and money in processing and creating these new products.