Long Island Scrap Metal

April 11, 2011

Gershow Recycling Reminds Everyone to Properly Dispose of Barbecue Gas Grills Before They Are Recycled


Gershow Recycling Reminds Everyone to Properly Dispose of Barbecue Gas Grills Before They Are RecycledWith many homeowners doing their spring cleaning, some are replacing their old barbecue gas grills with a new one, just in time for the summer. Many parts of the grill can be recycled, including the gas tanks, but there are many safety factors to consider. Gershow Recycling says people must show great care in properly disposing of used propane gas tanks and other parts of the grill when bringing them in to be recycled.

With the health risks associated with the handling of propane tanks, states are cracking down on illegal disposal of propane tanks. As a result, many people are turning to scrap metal recyclers to properly dispose of the barbecue grills.

When disposing of a barbecue gas grill, observe the following rules:

• Dispose of the propane tanks first. The tanks must be "discharged," or emptied, before they can be disposed of. Do not empty the tank by letting the gas escape through the valve; it is dangerous and bad for the environment.
• Never store propane tanks inside a building. It is not only dangerous, it is also illegal.
Once the tank has been disposed of, the rest of the grill can be recycled. Clean off any grease from the plastic and metal parts before recycling, as grease - like propane - can be flammable.
• Burn off the rest of the charcoal bricks in the grill. This can be done by simply leaving the grill alight until all of the bricks are gone. When disposing of the coals, wait until they have cooled down. Close the cover to avoid exposure to the heat, which would lead to burns. You can let them cool overnight or, for a quicker solution, pour sand over them. When the risk of fire has passed, dispose of properly in a non-combustible container.
• If you must dispose of the ashes before they are completely cold, place the ashes in heavy-duty aluminum foil and completely soak with cold water before placing them in a non-combustible container. Placing them in any other receptacle may cause a fire, especially if the receptacle contains flammable or combustible material.

"It is important that the gas tanks that are brought to Gershow Recycling are fully emptied," said Elliot Gershowitz, Vice President, Gershow Recycling. "The contents are under pressure and, if they are not properly discharged, it can result in a fire, serious injury or death. We accept propane gas grills, but we ask that people properly discharge the tanks before bringing them to be recycled."

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